Fixwell Industrial Corporation presents an extensive range of products for home and office use. In present world of flats and apartments, interiors and décor are the main considerations in selections. In our products you will find style to match your ambiances and suit your requirements;  a perfect blend of style and strength.

A perfect union of design and depth, Fixwell Industrial Corporation offers you a precise blend of quality and performance for your house and commercial establishments.

Some of the distinct features of our cupboards include:

  • Build with high grade steel
  • Noise free hinges and smooth hassle free movements
  • Heavy duty shut locks
  • Air drying smooth finish to enhance resistance to corrosion and scratch.
  • Widest range of shades and motifs such as teak finish, wooden finish, dull finish etc.

At Fixwell Industrial Corporation, Customers come first. We find delight in working for our clients. So, we also entertain customized products to fabricate a design that fits your taste and requirements.
Here at Fixwell, you will find products that will make your life easier year after year.